Baihetan Hydro Power Station left bank, the first batch 550kV GSU transformers are transferred to the main transformer room successfully.

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    On the April 2nd, the first batch of 3 units, the world largest underground plant 550kV GSU transformers provided by BTW (Qinhuangdao) transformer ltd., are transferred to the main transformer room successfully.
    Baihetan first batch of 3 units main transformers are researched and developed independently, transported through land, river and ocean. Before transportation, BTW carefully studied and consulted with Three Gorges, created a detailed transportation plan, and performed route survey, tracked all the way.
    The 550kV GSU transformers for Baihetan Hydro station will rise up the voltage of single Million KW unit output to 550kV from 24kV, transfer to the gird through GIS of gas insulated metal enclosed switchyard and GIL of gas insulated metal enclosed transmission line with the highest drop in the world.
    BTW Qinhuangdao attached great importance to the production and manufacturing process. Before the commencement of the products, it was carefully organized and studied the quality spirit of the Three Gorges group, held a mobilization meeting, established the project products as the company's "Party Member Unit." in accordance with the requirements of the Party Building Co-construction activities, and issued a call to the whole Party members to strive to practice the "design zero doubt, manufacturing zero defect, installation zero deviation, zero delay in progress, zero non-stop in operation, zero accident in safety and zero complaint in service" The "seven zero" objectives of are to refine the work into every process and every operation detail to implement standardized operation. In the manufacturing process, Party members rushed forward, strived for perfection and organized production in strict accordance with the three inspections and three inspections to ensure that all the first batch of products pass the first test and are shipped smoothly.
    The three units transferred transformers will be used in unit 1 of Baihetan Hydro Power Station left bank, it the first delivered key electric equipment of Baihetan Hydro Power Station left bank during the novel coronavirus pneumonia. The movement marks the start of the installation of high-voltage electrical equipment in the left bank power station of Baihetan.