State Grid Corporation of China routing inspection team visit BTW

Post time:2016-04-20 09:57     author:admin    

In order to carry out the requirements ofsturdy and durable, and further strengthen the supervision work of main equipment, ensure that all the controls measures was implemented, improve the quality of equipment connecting network, State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) carry out concentration inspection work by regional on the manufacturing process of main transformer with 110kV and above. April 9th, 2016, Mr. Xiong Jifeng, material expert of SGCC Jiangxi province, as the head of the southwest inspection team and other six people reached BTW to inspect the manufacturing of equipment. BTW leaders and the directors of relevant departments accompanied and cooperated for the inspection work.


The main inspection work was the equipment manufacturing situation and the development situation of the daily supervision work of Factory supervisor group, the equipments were awarded from SGCC, including 110 (66 kV) and above transformers (converter transformers), reactors, GIS, circuit breaker, disconnector (330 kv and above).The inspection team checked the relevant system documents, random checked the production situation and quality control work of the main equipments of Qinghai Tala 


The southwest inspection team of SGCC gave high evaluation of the inspection work and full affirmation to BTW representing its more attention and strong coordination during the inspection works, further realize the strong manufacturing capability of BTW this works, they express their good wishes for further friendly cooperation in the future.


In 2016, the organization structure of BTW will reform and develop, BTW will take this opportunity to reasonably deploy manpower, material resources and financial resources, to ensure the achievements of transformer manufacturing tasks in a high standard, high quality and high level.