The first main transformer for French nuclear power station undertaken to manufacture by BTW will be shipped

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10:10AM, April 6th, 2016, Baoding, China: the first 300MVA/400kV main transformer with our own intellectual property rights, manufactured by BTW and exported to French nuclear power station, complete loading smoothly and will be shipped.


French nuclear project is one of the world's most important international science and technology cooperation program, participated by 7 member countries: China, the European Union, the United States, Russia, Japan, Korea, India. The project is currently the largest scale of international scientific and technological cooperation projects participated by China with equality, full partnership, but also a major strategic plan to protect China's future energy sustainable development. In December 2013, BTW with reliable quality of the products and excellent performance in the field of nuclear power in China, beat all the competitors and awarded 3 sets of 300MVA/400kV main transformer supply contract of French nuclear power station, which is the first time for China's high-end transformer products to enter the EU market. In June 2014, BTW passed the quality audit of French nuclear power project. On October 22nd, 2015, the first 300MVA/400kV main transformer was successfully developed, with the scene of China, France, Italy experts and supervision representative and known as "well made, to achieve the international leading level of high-end Transformers".


During the product manufacturing process, BTW set up a special leading group, carefully develop production plan, clear management responsibility, increase the inspection and assessment efforts, overall control the elements related to the quality. Strengthen the process control and self inspection, mutual inspection, routing inspection, special inspection and inspection efforts  of key process. Do a good job for site cleaning, further implement the 6S management, carefully organize the cadres and staff, seriously absorb and digest the drawings, make concerted efforts to tackle tough to ensure high quality to complete the first product manufacturing.


Under the situation of key products concentrate production and multiple products in parallel production, tight time and heavy task, BTW work overtime, giving priority to the French nuclear power projects, each department give full play to the advantages of technology, reasonably arrange of time limit for the project to ensure the progress of production. BTW repeatedly called coordinate meetings, asked all departments to be carefully organized, scientific management, fight a good fight, to ensure the completion of task according to user requirements.


In order to ensure the high quality of products, BTW transfers experienced staff and enrich to insulation parts production, core lamination, coil winding, test and other procedures of the French nuclear power products production. In the deployment of personnel, on the one hand ensure the production schedule of other products, on the other hand also take into account the French nuclear power products. For quality and quantity to complete the work, the company technical personnel carry out technical guidance to front-line staff, clear the key points and difficulties during production, to ensure stable product quality.


Starting from the first product in 2015, in order to ensure that the project can be delivered on schedule, BTW carry out careful arrangements and deployment, formulate the detailed production plan, by the time node, inspect and guide the each link of the implementation, and establish the special leading group to monitor the whole product manufacturing process. And held a number of production scheduling coordination, require to achieve "early planning, early arrangements, early implementation". In order to ensure the successful delivery of products, BTW and supervision party, transportation party held product shipping specific conference, making early planning, early settlement to possible problems during the shipment, all in order to successfully reach the user site for the ultimate goal.


The successful production and delivery for the first 300MVA/400kV main transformer exported to French nuclear power station, which accumulate the strength for BTW to actively seize and consolidate the leading position of the nuclear power market and further expand the overseas high-end transformers batch order.